Handlebar 2.1 Series Orange


The 2.1 series handlebar is our top-of-the-range model.

The handlebar offers a new concept due to its greater diameter of 28.6 mm in the upper part just in the curve before the controls with the standard measure, unlike other handlebars this will offer greater resistance in case of impact.

Made of high resistance 7075 T6 Aerospace Aluminum, 2.1 Series is the model used by our riders in MXGP.

Its different measures and options offer you extra comfort when riding your motorcycle. A good choice will make the difference in your comfort.

  • Handlebar MTR-2 2.1 created for the highest level competitions
  • Made of high-strength 7075 T6 aluminum
  • Innovative design in its form
  • Dotted on the left end of the handlebar for added grip on the grip
  • Logo 2.1 engraved on the handlebar
  • Available in different sizes
  • Diameter 28.6 mm

MTR-2-2.1-80001-BKBYN, MTR-2-2.1-80001-OR, MTR-2-2.1-80002-BKBYN, MTR-2-2.1-80003-BKBYN, MTR-2-2.1-80008-BKBYN, MTR-2-2.1-80009-BKBYN, MTR-2-2.1-80009-OR

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