“Graffity” Azul “Special edition” + Pantalla Transparente


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The MTR-2 Mitty goggles have a design in their small and thin frame designed to fit most helmets on the market, a small glasses will give you an optimal fit and offer great comfort. Its small frame offers at the same time a “large field of view” by reducing unnecessary parts of the frame.

It has a removable strap system, which facilitates cleaning maintenance, which will extend the life of the goggles and its screens.

Lens with anti-fog and scratch resistant treatment, which offers good resistance to fogging on cold and rainy days.

Compatible with pulls and 47mm Roll-Off system.

Designed in Spain.
Included mirror lens + 1 clear lens.

1- The MTR-2 Mitty goggles have a new and simple removable strap system with a single clip, which facilitates maintenance and cleaning of the glasses.
2- Design of a reduced outer frame thus offering a greater field of vision of up to 8 cm, adjustable to most helmets on the market.
3- SBR-47 Large 47 mm Roll-Off System.
4- 3 Silicones, avoid movements.
5- 45 mm strap, greater fastening of the goggles to the helmet.
6- 3 Foams for a soft contact of the glasses on the skin.
7- Microfiber protection bag, special for cleaning the screen.
8- Anti-fog Anti-Scratch screens and all spare parts available in stock ...

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